Friend or Foe



I had a strange realization recently. After my last photo shoot, it hit me that I’m happiest when I’m promoting the work of my competitors.


It's safe to say that Larry Chen is our favorite automotive photographer. He can reflect his passion for what he's shooting through his lens like none other we know. Though, his love for photography isn't everything he's about. If you let him talk you through his series 1 1970 Datsun 240z and you'll quickly learn that his passion for driving is equal if not greater than that of photography. We had the opportunity to join him on a cruise up a couple of his favorite local canyons and also to shadow him on a typical day in the life of a Speedhunters photographer. 

This 1979 MGB is the perfect example of maintenance and upkeep. 35 years old and looks fresh off the lot. With 32,000 original miles, it's one hell of a family heirloom. Ethan, the rightful heir, see's no flaw with its lack of power but instead is in love with its ability to provide a nostalgic ride.


Good vs. Evil


Chauncey shows us his beautifully simple example of a 1989 BMW 325i (E30) as well as his interpretation of what a 1966 Ford Mustang should be. His position on being a manufacturer specific enthusiast definitely sets him apart from the crowd.

Sky's The Limit


A vignette to pay tribute to a car we love at Shift Pattern. Built by the one and only JDM Legends.


Reason 39


If you don't know the legacy of the Skyline, JDM Legends will be sure to fix that. In the meantime, together we'll give you an example of the car that changed it all for Japanese motorsport.



A favorite time of year for us and the guys over at JDM Legends, has to be September. It's when the largest gathering of
vintage Japanese vehicles in the United States takes place in Long Beach California. This is known as the annual Japanese
Classic Car show (JCCS). We were lucky enough to tag along with the JDM Legends crew as they unveiled a piece of
JDM racing history.